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This Year's Stranger Things Day Merch Will Turn Your World Upside Down • The Pop Insider – The Pop Insider

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Casetify Stranger Things Collection | Source: Casetify
On Nov. 6, 1983, a young Will Byers disappeared from his quiet, midwestern hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. In 2021, we use this date to celebrate the strange, otherworldly adventure that ensued in the wake of his disappearance — and we call this holiday Stranger Things Day.
Six years and three seasons after the popular series first debuted, the directors of Stranger Things are gracing us with the show’s highly-anticipated fourth season, set to hit Netflix next year. While the wait has been as arduous as a visit to The Upside Down, fans can celebrate Stranger Things Day tomorrow in style with new merch!
Billy Hargrove T-shirt (left) and Demogorgon Fan Club Sweatshirt (left) from Zavvi | Source: Zavvi / the Pop Insider
Inspired by the ongoing battle between Hawkins and The Upside Down, entertainment retailer Zavvi is launching an exclusive merchandise line with products ranging from T-shirts to denim jackets and tote bags. The products are detailed with imagery and lettering from the show, including portraits of beloved characters Eleven, Max, and Billy Hargrove. For the mouthbreathers who think they’re strong enough to go head-to-head with the monsters, the line offers “Demogorgan Fan Club” T-shirts and posters decorated with horrifying (but totally awesome) images of a roaring Demogorgan.

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This line will be available to shop starting tomorrow, Nov. 6, only at With prices starting at $20.20, this collection will elevate your wardrobe from a 10 to an Eleven.
Accessories inspired by walkie talkies from the series. | Source: Casetify
But wait, because things are about to get even stranger! Tech accessories brand Casetify is joining in on the celebration with a restock of its Stranger Things collection. The collection includes Casetify’s signature Impact, Ultra Impact, and Mirror phone cases that are designed with fan-favorite motifs and iconography from the show. With iPhone 13 options available, some of the cases feature Will’s mind flayer sketch, the boys’ nifty walkie talkies, and the classic Stranger Things logo.
The designs in this collection also extend to AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, and wireless chargers to keep fans fully equipped for any unexpected run-ins with monsters.
This collection is also dropping tomorrow and will be available exclusively through the Casetify Co-Lab app, which fans can download for free from the App Store.
Items from the Merci Handy x Netflix Collaboration. | Source: Merci Handy
And who says stepping into a monster-infested alternate universe can’t be glamorous? Certainly not cosmetics brand Merci Handy. The Netflix x Merci Handy limited-edition collaboration is supplying Stranger Things fans with all things beauty, including creams, soaps, and sanitizers. Rock the “Stuck in the Upside Down” fanny pack, which is stocked with hand sanitizer and a holder to match, a supernatural bath bomb, exfoliating soap, and hand cream.
This collection starts at $35 and drops — you guessed it — tomorrow at It will also be available at the Stranger Things stores in NYC and LA.
Friends don’t lie, and we’re not lying when we say that these Stranger Things collections are the perfect addition to any Stranger Things Day celebration. And, as one final festive surprise, Netflix has put together a detailed itinerary of interactive activities for fans to take part in tomorrow! Head over to for the complete Stranger Things Day Guide and be sure to check out major retailers — including, Walmart, Target, and Amazon — for other Stranger Things merch offerings.
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