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The Ultimate Represent Size Guide – The Sole Supplier

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Since its 2012 inception, Represent has gone from a university hobby and side-hustle to a global brand worn by the likes of Dua Lipa, Migos and 2 Chainz, to name a few. Often characterised by its unique mix of minimalist and subdued silhouettes alongside its pop culture and metal-inspired logos and designs, Represent has seemingly carved its own path into the streetwear landscape and isn't going anywhere soon.
With an abundance of Represent products available online, it can be hard to pinpoint just exactly how some of the brand's styles and garments will fit. Well, fear not! Here at The Sole Supplier, we've tapped our crew of menswear specialists to give you all their personal tricks, tips and experiences when it comes to Represent's expansive range of goods. So whether you're in the market for new Represent hoodies, sweatshirts, T-Shirts or legwear, keep reading to make sure you're clued up on what exactly you should be buying.
Speaking generally, the majority of Represent garments will be designed to fit oversized and baggy in comparison to your average brand. For instance, its famed blank T-Shirts arrive with a boxy silhouette complete with longer sleeves and a higher neckline, so if you're aiming to look your best in a Represent T-Shirt, it's usually advised to take your regular size. In slight contrast to its upper layers, Represent bottoms usually sport more of a slim fitted silhouette, as demonstrated by any fit pictures you may have come across. We would recommend taking your regular size for these items as well.
"My Represent hoodie has wider shoulders than most of my other hoodies which I don't mind! As well as this, it's pretty boxy so it doesn't really hang down too low giving it a nice fit all around."
"It's actually one of the more comfortable pieces in my wardrobe! The cotton is super heavyweight meaning it sits nicely and snugly throughout wear. Alongside this, it's surprisingly soft to the touch which you don't really seem to get with many other heavyweight hoodies in my experience."
"So I usually rock my "Vintage Grey" Blank Popover Hoodie alongside some darker coloured jeans to keep things neutral and monochromatic. Because of this colour scheme, it's really easy to pair footwear with this fit, so I can literally choose most pieces in my collection. At the moment, I've been favouring my new pair of New Balance 2002r "Protection Pack" though as they match the washed-out appearance of the hoodie."
"I think the best way to describe the fit of my Represent sweatshirt would be 'relaxed but stylish'. Like the fit is oversized of course, but it's not oversized to the point where it looks too big on me".
"Yeah absolutely, you can tell it's made from good quality cotton and I think that shows when you wear and feel it. I've had mine a little while too and it's held up great after plenty of washes."
"At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I usually pair my Represent sweatshirt alongside their cargo pants too. The pair work so well together for a relaxed look! To finish the fit, I often just opt for one of my Jordan 1 pairs."
"Represent t-shirts are pretty true to size actually when you consider the oversized nature of the piece! I went for my regular size and it gives such a classic relaxed fit, especially around the arms which I like."
"Yes, actually. You can tell that they use some pretty quality heavyweight cotton so the piece feels and sits pretty nicely in general. I'd certainly recommend their blank tees especially."
See, I'm a big metal fan so I love some of Represent's vintage and grungey styles! I usually pair my "As Good As Dead" Tee with a pair of classic baggy black sweatpants and one of my Nike SB Dunks on the feet for an overall pretty laid back fit for when I'm office-bound."
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