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Cheap Christmas gifts: Affordable and ethical presents for budgets from £10 to £100 – Big Issue

A hand up, not a handout
When it comes to Christmas present shopping, buying both ethically and affordably doesn’t have to be tough.

Cheap Christmas gifts don’t have to be plastic tat. Image: monicore/Pexels
When it comes to Christmas present shopping, buying both ethically and affordably can be a tricky business. While most of us want to buy gifts for our loved ones, doing so without breaking the bank can be difficult and cheap Christmas gifts that don’t exploit workers or damage the environment is even harder.
Luckily, there is a way you can buy cheap Christmas gifts guilt-free. The Big Issue Shop offers an online marketplace for ethical, sustainable products which put people and planet first. 
All products on the site come from social enterprises, ethical traders or sustainable producers, meaning you can indulge your loved ones while helping others. 
Better yet, there are products for every price range, from under £10 to £100. We’ve put together a gift guide with a selection of the best products on offer – from stylish clothing to home decor. 
Nemi green tea 125g, Loose leaf: £5.50 
This one’s for all the tea lovers in your life: delicate, loose-leaf green tea from a London-based company which employs refugees to give them a hand-up in the UK.
Dog bandanas, £4.99
This will be a winner for anyone with a dog: stylish dog bandanas from Koko Collective. Koko collective make all their pet and people accessories with the charity Calcutta Rescue in India. The charity employs around 15 people who would otherwise find it difficult to seek employment.
Pack of 6 A6 Christmas cards with envelopes: £4.50 
This year you can make a difference with your Christmas cards – all profits from this pack of cards goes directly back to The Big Issue to give people living on the margins a hand up, not a handout.
The beautiful santa design – made up of images of our vendors – is printed on recycled paper. 
Little kisses knot hat, £7.90
This adorable unisex baby hat is perfect for anyone with young kids in your life, and every purchase will help an child in need. 
From Babies With love will channel every penny of profit from its ethically-sourced designs into helping abandoned children around the world. 
Every penny of profit from our unique, ethically sourced designs goes to support abandoned children around the world.
Geo layered paper earring, coral: £5
Handmade from 100 per cent waste magazine paper, these earrings are stylish and ethical.
They’re produced by Quazi Design, a company started in 2009 in order to create much needed employment in Swaziland, Southern Africa.
Will.I.Am Mug: £12.99
One for fans of the Black Eyed Peas or Will.I.Am: an exclusive mug designed by the Big Issue art director. A purchase of this mug will contribute to the Big Issue’s mission to tackle poverty.
Beneath the surface, street art print: £20
Every week in The Big Issue, the Street Art page gives talented, marginalised individuals an outlet for creative expression, as well as a platform to sell their prints through The Big Issue Shop.
Here, you can buy a print from Mary, who has been working as an artist in London for over 10 years.
Lady Muck hand cream: £13.99
A must-have for the colder seasons, this hand cream is scented with pomegranate and is a nurturing treat for hardworking hands.
The product supports ARTHOUSE Unlimited, a collective of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities all of whom require varying levels of support.
Elephant branded original wallet: £20 
For every one of these wallets you buy, company Elephant Branded will hand-deliver a school stationery to a child in Africa or Asia.
The wallet is crafted from recycled cement bags by villagers in Cambodia.
Organic elephant soft toy: £12.99
Why not avoid plastic presents for kids and go for this adorable elephant toy, which is ethically sourced and made from sustainably sourced cotton.
The product comes from Best Years, a fair trade cooperative which creates fairly paid and flexible jobs in rural Bangladesh.
Pebble unicorn rattle: £14.99
Another toy for the babies in your life, this rattle is handmade and ethically sourced.
This also comes from Best years, which  creates fairly paid and flexible jobs in rural Bangladesh.
Fight like a girl t-shirt: £20 
Buy Social with this Big Issue T-Shirt with a feminist message. All profits generated will go back into the Big Issue’s mission to help the most vulnerable in society.
Sari yoga mat bag: £25 
These unique sari yoga mat bags are made by the woman and girls supported by Corkiyogis partner Destiny Reflection in Kolkata, India.
Destiny gives the women the skills to turn unwanted saris into beautiful yoga mat bags, thereby giving them the means to earn a living.
Porcelain star decorations: £22
This set of four handmade porcelain stars are threaded with a Christmassy red ribbon and would make the perfect adornment for a Christmas tree.
It comes from Studio 306, a collective which was set up to aid recovery from mental health issues.
ADD dog lead: £20 
The Red Ombre Lead from the ‘A Dogs Dream’ collection comes in  warm autumnal tones, great for a dog who likes getting cosy by the fire.
It’s made by Koko Collective design, a charity which employs around 15 people in India who would otherwise find it difficult to seek employment.
A hug in a box: £28 
If there’s someone you can’t give a real hug to this year, try this “hug in a box”: A box full of tasty treats including biscuits and hot chocolate.
Each product comes with a “social story”, each of which is outlined along with each gift.
Helene sports leggings, glitch print: £79
Swerve fast fashion with these leggings, which are great to use for gym, running or hot yoga. They’re also suitable for a hike, waters sports, swimming or as surf leggings.
They come from Ruby Moon, a company with both a positive environmental and social impact.
Vanna multi sports crop top: £69
Also from Ruby Moon, this crop top comes fully lined without padding, and is perfect for low impact sports and use in the pool or at the beach.
Moyo tote shopper bag: £45
The Moyo tote shopper bag is perfect for carrying books or groceries with internal and external pockets to hold all key items and add a little colour to the everyday
Moyo uses Tanzanian artists to design its products, working with locals who are excited to use their craft skills in order to earn an income.
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