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7 Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Fortnite Fans – TheGamer

If you’re shopping for a Fortnite fan this holiday season, don’t miss out on these incredible gifts.
The holiday is just around the corner and it's time to start gathering ideas and start thinking about possible presents. It's been a while since Fortnite was first released. It spent most of its days in Early Access but even then it was quite popular and a lot of Fortnite merchandise was released so fans could show off their love for the game. As time went by, more and all sorts of different types of merch started showing up on store shelves, there are mugs, hats, sweaters, toys, plushies, action figures, you name it and it is very likely that someone has created it.

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We have all sorts of guides with different holiday gift ideas for other types of games, such as Minecraft for example, another very popular game. Certainly, an idea that connects to you will spark from some of the available options. Physical merch tends to be more popular, such as toys, apparel, and accessories but since Fortnite's currency is in-game it's also an easy go-to when looking at holiday present options.
It may seem like an obvious choice but it's always a good choice, there's no denying that. Anyone that plays Fortnite loves adding V-Bucks to their account to be able to own the newest and coolest skins. It's just a great feeling to see your in-game locker filled with awesome skins so V-Bucks are never really a bad option to go with.
There are cards worth 1,000 V-Bucks that you can get for $7.99, there are 2,800 V-Bucks cards for $19.99, 5000 V-Bucks cards for $31.99, and, lastly, 13,500 V-Bucks for $79.99. Depending on how much you spend you'll receive a certain amount of bonus V-Bucks for your purchase.
You can buy them just about anywhere, you can also check them out on the Target website or Amazon.
Although it may seem like an odd mix, it looks better than you'd think. Fortnite-themed pillows are actually very cute and will suit the right room.
They come in all different shapes and sizes so you have quite a few you can choose from. There are also Fortnite bedsheets that you can get if you prefer to get a full set.
You can get them from the Amazon Fortnite store, in the Home & Office tab.
There are all sorts of Funko Pops! They're hard not to love, with those huge adorable heads and big eyes. Fortnite Funko Pops are also a thing and you can find them everywhere around the holiday season. There are figurines and keychains of nearly every skin, at least the most notorious ones. If you know someone that has a favorite Fortnite skin that they love to talk about, it's likely that it's been turned into a Funko Pop.
You can get them from the Funko Pop website or Amazon.
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If you're a board game or simply enjoy yourself a good game of Monopoly, the Fortnite edition of Monopoly is a great purchase and you won't be spending too much money on it either, you can get it for $19.99.
It's just like any other Monopoly game but it has some aspects taken from Fortnite, such as the design of the board, locations, and some cards that work as loot chests. It's a fun twist to a classic game.
You can check out the Monopoly Hasbro website to directly compare the prices of Monopoly's Fortnite edition.
Epic Games and DC collaborated quite a few times now. There are several different DC Comics skin available in-game and now Fortnite has entered the DC universe. A miniseries called Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point has been released and a one-shot called Batman/Fortnite: Foundation. Whether you're a Fortnite fan, a DC fan, or just a comic book fan this is bound to be a fun read that mixes Gotham City with Fortnite chaos.
You can purchase Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point and Batman/Foundation from the DC Comics website.
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NERF Guns are awesome and what could make them even better? Fortnite-themed NERF Guns. Now you can find your favorite in-game weapons in the shape of NERF Guns, they're extremely fun toys.
There are revolvers, snipers, and even the fan-favorite pump shotgun. So, regardless of which weapon you prefer you can get its NERF counterpart.
You can buy the Fortnite-themed NERF Guns from Amazon.
As you may know, Fortnite has collaborated with a wide variety of brands and companies. One of the most recent crossovers was Street Fighter. They've already added a few familiar faces, the most recent ones being Cammy and Guile. To celebrate this collab, Epic released special merch. You can get a Fortnite x Street Fighter poster or even a hoodie or a t-shirt, they all have great-looking designs so it's hard to pick a favorite.
You can get Fortnite x Street Fighter merch from Amazon.
If you still haven't found something that's caught your eye quite right yet, you can check out the official Fortnite Amazon store. It's filled with all sorts of merchandise from costumes to collectibles, books, and much, much more.
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