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12 Funny Halloween Costumes For Men That Will Make You LOL – Romper

Because your guy is basically a walking joke anyway, right? (Totally kidding.)
Halloween costumes come in so many forms. There are scary costumes, costumes from different decades, occupation costumes, and just about a million ideas to choose from. When you’re not sure what to wear on Halloween, reaching for something hilarious is never a bad idea. Whether your aim is to be the hit of the Halloween party or just the coolest dad on the block, these funny Halloween costumes for men will get the job done.
October 31 is pretty much the only day of the year where you can get away with wearing pretty much anything. (But you do have to wear something — nakedness is not an option, people.) It’s the one time when you can wear a t-shirt that makes you look like a hot sauce packet or head-to-toe Christmas elf regalia and absolutely nobody will think to question your sanity. A funny Halloween costume is the perfect way to take full advantage of this.
I doubt that I’m alone in thinking that the world could use a bit more fun and laughter these days. Halloween is the ideal time to share a laugh with everyone around you and these funny costumes for men are a great place to start.
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Want to make your guy look like he’s being abducted by aliens? This hilarious inflatable alien pick-me-up costume from Party City will do exactly that. The costume is made like a jumpsuit where your legs go into the green alien legs and your body sticks out from between the alien’s arms. The entire costume stays inflated with a battery-operated blower on the inside. Though it is sort of hard to tell just by looking where the man wearing the costume ends and the giant green alien begins, there is no denying that this is an out of this world Halloween costume choice.
For men who don’t want to stray too far from their everyday attire, but still want to join in on the fun of the holiday with a funny Halloween costume, this Jake from State Farm polo shirt is one humorous option. Simply pair this red polo with khaki pants and you’re done.
When someone asks, “What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?” the reply is obviously “Uhh, khakis.” You’ll definitely have everyone at the Halloween party in a fit of laughter with your bit. To turn this into a couples costume, all you need is a robe, some pajamas, and a pair of slippers to re-enact the commercial yourselves.
You’ll be sweatin’ to the oldies à la Richard Simmons in this exercise maniac costume from Target. The four-piece costume includes white and red striped shorts, a red tank top that says “sweatin’” across the chest, red terrycloth arm bands, and a hilarious wig. The curly wig has a bald spot right in front with a red sweat band across the forehead. The one-size design features a stretch waistband on the shorts and loose fit tank, intended to fit most adults. This funny men’s Halloween costume pairs best with jazz hands, crew socks, and a boom box blasting ‘80s dance hits.
Those obnoxious air-filled tubes that dance about wildly in the wind outside of car dealerships and furniture stores are hilarious to imitate. (Go on and try it — you know you want to!) It’s even amusing though to watch someone do an impression of these inflatable tubes when they’re wearing this air dancer costume. The bright red onesie boasts the word “sale” in giant yellow lettering down the front and includes tassels around the wrists. The best part of this men’s Halloween costume though is the helmet-shaped hood with a goofy grin, googly eyes, and yellow strips of fabric sprouting from the top.
Looking for an amusing men’s Halloween costume that can double as an interactive party game? Look no further than this hilarious onesie costume based on the board game Operation. Just like the man on the operating table in the game, this nude-colored zip-up onesie features bright red boxers with white hearts all over them. It also has graphic decals of a broken heart, wishbone, apple, pencil, wrench, butterfly, sunglasses, a tooth, a bone, and a lightning bolt across the torso and legs. Though the decals don’t actually come off of the onesie, the costume does include a set of tweezers and a red clown nose to complete the look.
This shark attack survival Halloween costume from Target is just perfect for guys who want to get all the laughs on October 31. Clearly, the wearer isn’t really getting eaten by a shark, but the suspender-style costume surely makes it look that way. The costume does only include the shark tunic held up by suspenders that loop over the shoulders, so you’ll need to pair it with a shirt if it’s cool out or just swim trunks if you want to look super authentic. Between the blood splatter detailing on the shark and teeth that appear razor-sharp, it looks hilariously real. But, wearer beware: This costume may or may not make the music from Jaws get stuck in your head and stay there all Halloween night long.
When I was in high school, I had a friend who collected Taco Bell hot sauce packets with all of the different funny little sayings on them. I’m absolutely sure he would have loved wearing one of these Taco Bell sauce packet t-shirts for Halloween. These hysterical tees are as easy to wear as they are hilarious. Just like the sauces themselves, they come in a variety of colors based on the type of sauce — orange for hot, red for fire, black for diablo, and green for salsa verde — and each with a different silly saying. The Etsy shop Parkwood Co. has a total of 16 different designs available.
When you’re a dad on baby duty on Halloween night, you need a costume that will let you keep your baby close but keep your hands free to collect as much candy as possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear something that is downright hilarious. This baby and me costume from Party City will make dad look like a bank robber in a black and white striped top, eye mask, and black beanie. As for the baby, they’ll look like a bag of cash sitting securely in the dollar-sign adorned carrier and wearing a headpiece covered in faux money.
No, you’re not getting your holidays mixed up. This costume just takes the two best holidays and turns it into a hilarious crossover. You can dress just like the character made famous by Will Ferrell in the movie Elf when you don this Buddy the Elf Halloween costume. Walk around saying things like, “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” and “What’s a Christmas-gram? I want one!” Grab old gum off of the sidewalk for a snack, whip a bottle of syrup out of your sleeve and pour it over spaghetti, and watch everyone around you dissolve into fits of laughter this Halloween.
Some of the silliest Halloween costumes are also the simplest — this chip on your shoulder costume idea for men is the perfect example. Will it take people around you a moment to notice that the giant, bright yellow ruffle on your shoulder is actually a costume? Probably so, but that’s the absolute best part about punny Halloween costumes like this one. It’s a literal chip on your shoulder. OK, it’s actually a cardboard cutout made to look like a chip and attached to your shirt with a safety pin, but you get the idea. Pair it with your own basic black tee and comfy pants for an easy costume that will get plenty of laughs.
Jim Carrey’s hilarious performance in the 1994 film Ace Ventura Pet Detective made the zany main character a mainstay in the world of funny Halloween costumes in the decades since the film’s release. Recreate his iconic look with this pet inspector costume kit from Target that includes a Hawaiian shirt, ID badge, stuffed monkey, and lookalike wig. The red and black striped pants and combat boots are unfortunately not included in this costume kit, but between the shirt, monkey, ID badge, and the wig, there’s no doubt that people will know exactly who you are when you let out a hearty “Alrighty then!”
If you had planned to have a balloon animal maker at your Halloween party, but didn’t book one in time, the next best thing is to just become an actual balloon animal yourself. This bright red inflatable balloon animal costume from Spirit Halloween lets you do just that. Shaped like a dog, this hilarious one-size-fits-most costume stays inflated from ears to tail with a battery-operated blower hidden within the costume using four double-A batteries. This is one funny men’s Halloween costume that really pops. (Get it?) Just don’t let any kids come near you with a safety pin.


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